Superheroes of Science - Various Artist [2008]

1. Wondermachines (Scientist: Alberto Santos-Dumont)
Music by Greg Dean and Rob Fisher
Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown & Layla Vandenbergh
2. Call Them X (Scientist: Wilhlem Conrad Rontgen)
Music by Tim Donderevo
Lyrics/Vocals by Oli Hayhurst with Theo & Violet Hayhurst
3. Oh My Beautiful Problem Child (Scientist: Albert Hofmann)
Music by Dan Gresham
Lyrics by Tim Donderevo, Vocals by Kelly Hoglund
4. Dr Robotnik (Scientist: Dr Robotnik)
Music by Richard Yates and Nick Osbourne
Lyrics by Julian Peters, vocals by Julian Peters and Aya Saito
5. La Ballade de Mr Matthews (Scientist: John Matthews)
Music by Juju Peters
Lyrics/vocals by Rob & Audrey Fisher
6. There Is Science In This Child (Scientist: James Chadwick)
Music by Tim Donderevo
Lyrics/Vocals by Nick Osbourne, with Elliot and Sammy Brown
7. Sailing Back To Spain (Scientist: Antonio De Ulloa)
Music by Julian Peters
Lyrics/Vocals by Greg Dean
8. Researchers of the P.I.E.R.C (Scientist: Pacific Islands Research Centre P.I.E.R.C)
Music by Barney Brown
Lyrics/Vocals by Joseph Ashley-Smith
9. Take Me Home To Orgonon (scientist: Wilhelm Reich)
Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith
Lyrics/vocals by Rob Fisher
10. John Muir (Scientist: John Muir)
Music by Rob Fisher
Lyrics/vocals by Julian Peters, backing vocals Rob Fisher
11. Agent On The Threshold (Scientist: John C Lilly)
Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith
Lyrics/Vocals by Tim Donderevo
12. Know It Now (Scientist: Galileo Galilei)
Music by Oli Hayhurst
Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown
13. Saviour of Mothers (Scientist: Ignaz Semmelweis)
Music by Rob Fisher
Lyrics/Vocals by Kip Loades

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